State Historical and Architectural Reserve

One of the main activities of the State Historical and Architectural Reserve "Khotyn fortress" is a cultural and educational work. In this framework, the scientists of the reserve during the year and are preparing themed lectures and guided tours, lessons of history, public events, student research conference. All of them are confined to the memorable dates in the history of Khotyn fortress, Khotinshchina, and the history of Ukraine in general.

In its cultural and educational activities Reserve collaborates with libraries, schools, local and regional media, Chernivtsi National University.

In total, during 2015, scientists of the reserve has been developed and read by more than two dozen lectures and lessons of history, a number of events. On the basis of the reserve held student's scientific conference devoted to the 305 th anniversary of the election Hetman Orlyk and the approval of the First Constitution of Ukraine.