State Historical and Architectural Reserve

On the organization of access to public information in the State Historical and Architectural Reserve "Khotyn fortress"

Today, transparent government is one of the basic principles of the functioning of the rule of law, which ensures public participation in the formulation and implementation of government policy and its impact on all stages of the decision of the government decision-making, as well as open access to the full objective and reliable information, which is owned by the authorities .


May 9, 2011 came into force the Law of Ukraine "On Amendments to the Law of Ukraine" On Information "and" On access to public information. "

The Law of Ukraine "On Access to Public Information" ordered all the manager of information provided for in Article 13 of the Law, provide and disclose public information - reflected and documented by any means and in any media that was obtained or created during the performance of the sub objects of power of their duties, permitted by applicable law, or that is in the possession of the subjects of power, the second manager of public information.


It should be noted that in accordance with the requirements of this Law Shall should provide an answer to a request for information within five working days of receipt of the request.

If a request for information relates to information necessary to protect the life or liberty of schodo of the environment, quality of food and household items, accidents, natural hazards worthy of the extraordinary events that have occurred or may occur and threaten the security of citizens, the answer must be submitted not later than 48 hours from the date of receipt of the request.

The request for urgent processing a request must be justified.

If the request relates to the provision of large amounts of data or require information to find a significant amount of data, information manager may extend the period for consideration of up to 20 working days from the justification of such an extension. The extension Shall report requested in writing within five working days of receipt of the request.

Article 15 of the Law contains a list of information that are required Shall not later than five business days to make public. In the case of the manager in the official website of this information is published on the website, indicating the date of publication and the date of update.

Projects of normative legal acts, decisions of local governments to develop appropriate manager, they shall be published no later than 20 working days prior to their consideration for adoption.

Immediate disclosure to be any information on the facts that threaten life, health and / or property of individuals, and the measures that apply in this regard.


Problematic issues of access to public information related to the implementation Shall Article 14 of this Law. The law provides for the duty manager of information:


  • to disclose information on its activities and decisions;
  • systematically keep records of the documents in their possession;
  • keep records of requests for information;
  • establish a special place for asking the documents or copies of them, as well as to provide right to ask to make extracts from them, taking pictures, copy, scan them, burn on any storage media and the like;
  • have special structural subdivisions or to appoint persons responsible for providing access to information asking.


Instructions for completing the request for information (request for information):


1. The request may be submitted:

to the postal address 60000, Khotyn, str. Nezalezhnosti, 32

(postal address of information manager)

to the E-mail address:

(postal address of information manager)


telefax (03731) 2-29-32


(postal address of information manager)

2. The request may be submit personally at the appropriate structural unit of the working time according to the rules of the internal labor regulations.

3. In the request must specify the method of obtaining information.

4. The answer to the request for information is provided in a manner chosen by the requested, within five working days of receipt of the request.

5. Information on request is free.

If the requested information includes documents more than 10 pages, this within five working days of receipt of the request inform the requested indicating the amount of the actual costs of copying or printing documents, and details of the order and the reimbursement of such costs. Provision of information is carried out within three business days after confirmation of payment of the actual costs.


6. In the satisfy of request may be refused in the following cases:


1) information manager is not required in accordance with its authority under the legislation, to have information on which the request is made;

2) information requested relates to categories of restricted access information;

3) the asked not pay the actual costs of copying or printing documents;

4) does not meet the requirements for preparation and submission of a request for information provided for in paragraph five of Article 19 of the Law of Ukraine «On access to public information», in particular not set:


  • surname, first name, middle name (the name of the requesting), postal address or e-mail address, and telecommunications numbers (if available);
  • general description of the type of information or the name, contact details and the content of the document, on which the request is made (if the questioner is known);
  • signature and date (provided to the filing of a written request).



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