State Historical and Architectural Reserve

How does the Reserve "Khotyn fortress" on weekends and holidays? 

Reserve "Khotyn fortress", within a year, running from 9:00 to 18:00 seven days a week.

Included in the tour entrance fees?

The tour is not included in the price of tickets, a separate paid service.

What the exhibition halls are on the reserve?

Within the reserve there are 10 exhibition halls. They are paintings, coins, weapons, catapults, archaeological finds.

Do I need to buy separate tickets for the inspection of the exhibition halls?

Overview exhibition halls included in the price of tickets.

Do fortress near the dining options, the hotel?

In the city there are three hotels: «Fortress» (str. O. Kobylanska, 1. Phone: (067) 965-50-30); «Khotyn» (str. Olimpiyska, 68 а. Phone: (067) 965-50-30); «Okolytsya» (str. Nezalezhnosti, 47. Phone: (067) 965-50-30).