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State Historical and Architectural Reserve

The main activities of the State Historical-Architectural Reserve "Khotyn fortress" is the research work. According to the results of this work are published scientific papers on the floor and conferences.

Reserve annually own international scientific-practical conference. In addition to full-time researchers, in her work involves employees of other reserves, students and teachers of higher educational institutions, foreign visitors.

As a rule, the annual conference coincides with the celebration of an important date in the history of Khotyn fortress. All the participants are young researchers and experienced researchers, divided into sections. There each of them has the ability to light up the subject of his research. Because of this, the reserve produces scientific collection of articles, which makes it possible to increase knowledge and learn new information about the past Khotyn fortress.

The tradition to hold an annual conference, in existence since the beginning of the creation of the reserve. Currently, 11 conferences have already been held.

In 2016 at the State Historical-Architectural Reserve "Khotyn Fortress" is planned for the International scientific-practical conference on the theme: "Khotinshchina during the Polish-Turkish wars of the XVII century." (To 395 anniversary of the Khotyn war in 1621). Date of the Conference - September 9, 2016.

Conferences were hold on the territory of Reserve «Khotyn Fortress».


1.International scientific conference «Khotyn - 1000 years» (the 1000 anniversary of Khotyn)

December 19, 2000.


International scientific conference «Khotyn war in 1621» (to 380 anniversary of the 1621 Khotyn war)

October 22, 2001


International scientific conference
«The role of the nations and peoples in the formation of historical and cultural heritage of Khotyn region»

October 17, 2003

4.International scientific conference «Stavchanska battle in 1739 in the context of European history of the XVIII century»

October 17, 2004

5.International scientific conference «Sources on the history of Khotyn and Khotyn region»

October 17, 2005.

6.International scientific conference «Sources on the history of Khotyn and Khotyn region»

1 грудня 2006 р.


International scientific conferenceя
«390 years of the Battle of Khotyn in 1621»

Chernivtsi - September 22-23
Khotyn – 24.09.2011


International Scientific Conference «Khotyn district as a part of Russian Empire»

(the 200th anniversary of the signing of the peace treaty of Brest)

November 30, 2012


International Scientific Conference «Khotyn district in Western history»

(to the 340 anniversary of the Battle of Khotyn in 1673).


November 8, 2013

10.Scientific-practical Conference «Khotyn district in the context of war confrontation between Russia, Austria and Turkey in the XVIII century.»

(to the 275 anniversary of the Stavchany battle).

September 12, 2014


Scientific-practical Conference 

«Khotyn district in XVIII in the beginning of XIX century: political and socio-economic aspects of development»

(300 anniversary of Khotyn nahiye).

September 11, 2015