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State Historical and Architectural Reserve

In 2015, the State Historical and Architectural Reserve "Khotyn fortress" has completed the implementation of the Grant Contract "External activities of the European Community» 1/191 MIS ETC code 1098 33289 and the partnership agreement according to which, he worked on the project "Medieval pearl Khotyn, Magpies, Suceava. "

As part of the project carried out repair and restoration work on objects of complex structures Khotyn Fortress XIII-XVIII century. - An architectural monument of national importance, guard number 803, namely the reconstruction of external power supply networks Complex structures Khotyn Fortress XIII-XVIII centuries.; arranged onsite electricity network and external illumination of objects Castle (Citadel) XIII-XVIII centuries.; performed landscaping Castle (Citadel) XIII-XVIII in ..

Completion of the reconstruction of external power supply networks Complex structures Khotyn Fortress XIII-XVIII centuries.

Completion of the reconstruction of the external power supply networks has greatly improved the state of conservation and the use of a complex of structures Khotyn fortress was dismantled elektroopory air temporary power lines, improve visual perception, both the castle and the surrounding panorama, in turn, has improved the image of a photo, video and film images .

Implementation of these works helped to heat the premises in accordance with the project tools to store artifacts that require special conditions (appropriate temperature, climate, adequate lighting), to continue to carry out works on objects that are still in need of restoration and adaptation. This made it possible to create new space for museum exhibitions, and expand the scope of services, improve the service provided to visitors of the fortress.

After the reconstruction of external power supply networks became possible to cover the reserve at night modern lighting fixtures hidden, this made it possible to provide a number of additional services to visitors of the fortress (guided tours, festivals, concerts, knights' tournaments and other events in the evening and at night).

The device internal networks of power supply and lighting facilities Castle (Citadel) XIII-XVIII centuries.

Implementation of these activities allowed to provide lighting and heating has been restored and adapted facilities Castle (Citadel) XIII-XVIII Art.

By performing this work was made possible following the execution of works on landscaping grounds of the castle, which in turn made it possible to improve the visual and aesthetic perception of objects, increased level of safety of electrical shock, both visitors and employees of the reserve.

Execution of works allowed to perform a lighting device, as objects of the Castle (Citadel), and the castle itself.

It also expanded and enhanced level of service to visitors of the reserve.

Landscaping Castle (Citadel) XIII-XVIII Art.

During the work on the improvement arranged recreation area tourists and visitors with benches and urns for dust, improved aesthetic and sanitary condition of the territory.

On the grounds of the castle (citadel) arranged stone paving in areas with a heavy traffic of people and arranged lawns with little greenery, where the traffic is less intense. Edging the lawn has no clear path.

Also planted a tree (Sophora japonica, oak chereschaty pyramidal shape, Pyrus communis, etc.) And shrubs (Juniperus Sabina).

During the work on improvement of the ancient castle used trays authentic blind area and water cannons to divert rainwater from the territory of the Castle.

Also during the improvement works carried Castle priority conservation work remains of stone structures identified during the excavation work.