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State Historical and Architectural Reserve

During the existence of the reserve Bukovina center of archaeological research at the Chernivtsi National University. Fedkovych and Chernivtsi branch of the State Enterprise "Research Center" protection of the archaeological service of Ukraine "of the Institute of Archaeology of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine" held a series of archaeological investigations within the complex structures Khotyn fortress. So in 2003-2005 were studied Turkish mosque early XVIII c., Have undergone significant destruction during the Second World War.

The excavations 2008 - 2010 years in privratno courtyard was found foundations of the tower entrance XV century. This allowed the scientists to clearly define the stages of development of Khotyn castle and deepen the knowledge of the cultural layers of the fortress, to prepare the ground for the restoration and construction work. The study also began new and interesting artifacts, namely coin XVI - XIX centuries. The samples tubes XVII - XVIII centuries., Weapons and household objects from different periods. It became interesting, and finding a fragment of a bronze cannon. In a separate group should include the findings lead seals 1836-1875 gg., Which make it possible to assert that, even after the official loss of Khotyn fortress its defense value it has for some time been used as a military facility.

Archaeological research is continuing each year and, therefore, the study area is constantly expanding. Through research and replenish the reserve funds, currently, they are about 7 thousand. Antiquities.