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State Historical and Architectural Reserve

FYI of State Historical-Architectural Reserve «Khotyn Fortress»

1. These rules determine the order of visiting the State Historical-Architectural Reserve "Khotyn fortress", basic rights, duties and fix rules of behavior of visitors to its site and exhibition facilities.

2. Rules are developed according to the Law of Ukraine "On Protection of Cultural Heritage" (08.06.2000) "About Museums and Museum Affairs" (29.06.1995), "About Tourism" (18.11.2003), And the Regulation about State Historical-Architectural Reserve "Khotyn fortress", approved by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Ukraine from 07.05.2012 № 446.

3. Action rules apply to all visitors of Reserve regardless of nationality, gender, religion, age and visiting intention.

4. During staying on the exhibition facilities and Reserve visitor has the right:


  • receive from Reserve staff information about the itinerary and duration of the tour;
  • explore the area and exposition facilities consisting tour group or on your own using individual excursions;
  • receive excursion service with approved topic based employment from scientists of Reserve;
  • make amateur video and photography at the ticket to pay for this service. Professional video and photo are possible only by agreement with the administration of the Reserve;
  • leave on guestbook impressions of visiting the reserve and quality of excursions;

5. On the territory and exhibition of Rreserve is prohibited:


  • travel with all types of mechanized vehicle without permission;
  • go to the territory with pets;
  • be in state of alcohol and drug intoxication;
  • smoke;
  • disrupt order and tranquility. During the tour use mobile phone;
  • bring items that pollute space exhibits and wear of visitors;
  • make an unauthorized trade;
  • make excursions with outsiders. This right have only researchers of Reserve;
  • make actions that threaten the protection of historical and cultural monuments, destroying green areas;
  • use images of Reserve obtained in the photo and video, audio tours for commercial purposes;

7. Monitoring the implementation of the rules carried out by workers of Reserve. Persons refused to implement rules will be forcibly removed from the reserve without refund of the ticket.


The categories of visitors who are entitled to preferential to museums and reserves:

Provide the right to free access to parks and museums socially disadvantaged groups following categories: disabled I and II groups, children of preschool age, pupils of secondary special education, orphans, disabled children, military service, veterans of War, participants ATO and members of their families, liquidators of the Chernobyl accident and employees of cultural institutions upon presentation of documents certifying belonging to this category of citizens.